~Because Limits Should Be Celebrated~

Hello, Thanks for stopping by. This is a temporary page for what will one day become a much more extensive personal site devoted to cultivating approproate world views and institutions for the Limited world which we now find ourselves.

Of course, this site should have been up and running years ago, but as you will see below, I've been a little busy.

Right now the site hosts my Bicycling pages, which hopefully will be of interest to some, including:

Cycling Through an American Town

These are three short stories I first posted back in 01999. If I do say so myself, they are still rather relevant. This is what you are looking for if you followed a link from the site written by Ken Kifer.

Tour of Cuba - 02002

A description of a fascinating tour.

Tour of Madagascar - 02003

Not only a fascinating tour, but an incredibly challenging one as well.

Pacific Northwest-Canadian Rockies Tour - 02004

A little less exotic, but beautiful nonetheless.

Tour of Gondwana - 02005-02007

My grand tour of the southern continents, which is currently underway.
Cheers! Michael Ayers